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Netflix is currently available in over 190 countries, but every country has a different combination of shows & movies available.

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The United States has the most Netflix titles, but did you know that Canada has the biggest movie catalog? So what happens if you travel to a country where you can’t watch certain Netflix titles that you usually watch at home?

Using a VPN

While most folks may think of using a VPN to protect their privacy or to keep hackers out of their personal business, VPN providers also can provide you local connections from all over the world.

With a good VPN provider, you can choose a server in your home country even while abroad and watch Netflix just as if you were sitting right in your living room.

What is The Best VPN Service?

By far, Surfshark VPN is the absolute best VPN service on the market. With one account, you can install it on unlimited devices (which is unheard of when you look at their competitors).

Surfshark now only allows you to hide your location, but it also gives you the control to block ads. You can even whitelist certain apps so they bypass the VPN.

Paired up with 24/7 live chat support and a price that can’t be beaten ($1.99/month when you pay for 24 months upfront as of the publishing date of this article), hit the banner below to get started!

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